Iduna, Drachten, Netherlands, february 16 2018
Video and Audio recorded with Zoom Q4 / Sony DCR-HC53E / Olympus LS-20M

Iduna, Drachten

Live in Iduna with Varukers and U.K. Subs 

Having been to Iduna very often in the past to see some great old school punk bands,
an old wish came true when we got the opportunity to play in support of Varukers and U.K. Subs.
We opened the evening with a 30 minute setlist.

A very relaxed atmosphere, well catered dressing rooms and a great evening with our gig and the shows
of Varukers and U.K. Subs!
Iduna, thank you very much! We are always interested in playing again in this great venue!

We had 3 camera's rolling this time. AJ took a steady shot with the Olympus LS-20M and also recorded the
audio. René was walking around, including the back of the stage, with the Zoom Q4 and Barth started
shooting with the Sanyo, but encountered problems after a couple of songs. He switched to his mobile to
get more footage.

Click here for photo's of this gig

Here is a 8 minute edit with 5 songs 

Hey You / Innocent People / Fun / Anarchy / System


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