Two Two 79
16-02-2018 at Iduna
location: Drachten, Netherlands

2018-02-16 - Iduna, Drachten with Varukers and UK Subs 

In support of Varukers and U.K. SUBS!

Thanks to Henry's contacts, we were given the opportunity to play in support of Varukers and U.K. Subs
at Iduna in Drachten.

We arrived at 18:30 to do our soundcheck. The other bands had there own dressing rooms, we were given
the mutual room. A nice filled fridge with our name on it. 
Had a great time chatting with some other bandmembers backstage and had a terrific evening with playing ourselves and enjoying the other bands.
Lots of photo's were taken during the evening, here are the best pics from the preparations and the show.

Click here for video of this gig

Photo's by Mr. Overlast, Björn Hinderks, Wietske Elsinga, Albert --- THANKS to ALL!!!

Soundcheck and Backstage

Soundcheck and Backstage

Live shots by Mr. Overlast

Live shots by Mr. Overlast

Live shots by Wietse Elsinga

Live shots by Wietske Elsinga

Photo Art by Björn Hinderks

Photo Art by Björn Hinderks



More pictures at 3voor12 Friesland


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