Two Two 79

Two Two 79 and the members of Two Two 79 would like you to take note of the following:

Copyright issues

1. Music

The music of Two Two 79 is the bands own artistic property. We believe music should be free to anyone anywhere, therefore all of our music is available for downloading. Feel free to do with our music whatever you like, download it, share it, cover it, but NEVER EVER CHARGE MONEY FOR IT!!!

2. Covering our songs

If you want to play or record one of our songs, feel free to do so. The only thing we ask is you to be honest when giving the credits for the song. If you need help figuring a song out, we are always willing to help, just mail us at two/two/[email protected] (remove the slashes).

The only exception is the song 'Borstal Breakout' from Sham 69 (track 16 on Attention Whores). We paid for the rights to record this song. If you want to record it, you will have to deal with the copyright issue yourself.

3. Website

The main content of this website is Two Two 79's property. The music, the photo's etc. You are free to do with that stuff whatever you like. Some items, like buttons, are taken from other sites on the internet, mainly found by Google Picture Search. If you feel we are intruding your ownership on one of these items, feel free to contact us. We will gladly open the discussion about free sharing. We believe everything which can be found on the internet is public property and therefore should be free to use.


The Lyrics of Two Two 79

1. Insults

Two Two 79 has strong opinions on various subjects. We ventilate those opinions in strong terms by way of our music. Our lyrics are not directly meant to insult anybody, other than within the context of our right to Artistic Freedom of Speech. If you feel insulted: you probably have yourself to blame because of your own actions.

2. Violence

In some lyrics you might find references to violence. Let it be clear:

Two Two 79 is strongly against any form of violence!

be it physical or mental violence.

Violence is always the losers option. If an argument can't be won by words, often violence come into play.
The one who degrades him/herself to this level, already has lost the discussion.

We use those references to give more force to our statements.

3. Calling for revolt

Two Two 79's lyrics are not calling in anyway for revolt, violence or any other way of misbehaviour. We are simply sharing our opinions with the world and that's it. Everyone has the right to his/her own opinions and everybody is responsible for his/her own actions.




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