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Two Two 79 - music section

Two Two 79 is anti-commercial. We believe music should be free available to anyone anywhere.
The leading music industry exploits their artists and uses the media to brainwash people to buy there music.
Pay a lot of money and your track is played much more. We take a strong stand against these disgusting practices. We will stay a DIY band and we will never surrender to commercialism. Our music will always be free!

So here you can get all music Two Two 79 has ever recorded for free.
All songs are available for download in MP3/320kbps including all the artwork of the cd's in high quality. On every lyrics page  the track is also playable as streaming audio. Two Two 79 supports, all our cd's are available in lossless quality (FLAC) overthere. A link to the torrent-file is provided on the bottom of each CD information page.

We appreciate your opinion, please leave a comment on our cd's in the news-blog

Have fun listening to our music!

1979-1980 - Early years

1979-1982 - Early years

The first Two Two 79 era.
A rescued demo, rehearsal takes and a live-show can be found here.

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Our label for our independant releases

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Songs in an early stage or rejected from official release.

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Tracks from various rehearsal sessions and other listenworthy audio.

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Video section


Rehearsal sessions, videoclips, early years

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More videos available on our youtube channel

Reality 79 - Ik Pogo Mee (2009)

Reality 79
2009 - Ik Pogo Mee

Coöperation between Overlast (Teenage Warning, New Reality) and Theo/Albert (Two Two 79). A Dutch 'In Your Face' punk cd.

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