Early Years 1979-1982

Two Two 79 - 1979-1980 Two Two 79 - 1980-1982

Two Two 79 - 1979-1980
Hondema, Ron, Albert, Theo

Two Two 79 - 1980-1982
Hondema, Lex, Albert, Theo

Here you can download some stuff we've collected from our first time around.
From the time with Ron as our drummer (1979-1980) all recordings got lost.
So everything you will find here is with Lex on drums.

This is old stuff, taken from cassette-tapes and recording-sources were sometimes
minimal, so don't expect top-quality recordings.
All downloads are available in 320 kbps MP3.

1981 Demo's - First demo's
1982 Innocent People - TTR001 - 12" independant release
1982 Rehearsals - Rehearsal at Lex's place
1982 Anarchy in Roden- Last live - Pentastoma, Roden, Netherlands - may 1982


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