PUNKION 6 - Zollkantine, Bremen, Germany - September 4 2021
Video recorded with 2 go-pro cams
Audio recorded with Olympus LS-20M

PUNKION 6, Zollkantine, Bremen

Live at PUNKION 6, Bremen, Germany

Our first gig in 2 years time and for the first time abroad at the
PUNKION Festival in Bremen, Germany (6th edition)!

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This gig was already planned for last year, but the Covid pandemic got in the way, so it was postponed to 2021.

We were invited by our friends from Degenerate Idol, who also organised the festival. We received a warm welcome when we arrived at the venue. Everything was very well taken care of: beer, schnaps, food.

The venue was relocated from the usual spot for this festival, Landheim Blockland, to Zollkantine, near the harbour.

when it was doors open, people slowly started coming in and the venue was soon filled up with a great atmosphere. It was obvious that, besides most of the bands not being able to play for a long time, the audience was also hungry for a old-fashioned punk rock party!

Other bands playing were Rüben Schneider, Elsen, Degenerate Idol and Razors.


About the video from this gig.
This time we didn't have someone to handle the audience camera, so we set up 2 go-pro cams on the stage and used the Olympus just for the audio, placed in a high spot at the end of the venue.
But sadly the footage didn't turn out to be the best.
The camera in front of the stage shows Albert's legs with the band in the background.
The other cam was placed on the bass-cabinet. The vibrations of the cabinet made the camera move during the second song and the rest of the show it filmed the wall.
So we had to make something out of the footage we'd got from the first 2 songs.

Here it is, not up to our usual standards, but it gives a taste of the atmosphere in the venue.

School / Fuck the Cops

 Full setlist

fuck the cops
I don't know
clothes off
hey you!
safety first
civil disobedience
innocent people
attention whores
no next time
sneaky shit boy
I don't know
so what
two two 79


not my day


Albert made a compilation with a couple of minutes of each band.
From us Fuck the Cops is included, the same clip as in the video above.

We had a great time and want to thank Matthias, Bert, Jako and Space from

Degenrate Idol

for making this great punk party happen!

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