Bambara Groningen, Netherlands, June 23 2018
Video and Audio recorded with Zoom Q4 / Sony DCR-HC53E / Olympus LS-20M

Bambara, Groningen

Live in Bambara with Rat Patrol and Anti Social Rejects

Last gig before our summer break. Great low profile venue and a relaxed atmosphere.
On stage with Rat Patrol (Henry playing in both bands) and Anti Social Rejects  from Norway.

This time, we had trouble finding someone to film the gig. At last notice we found Ronald willing to handle the camera. Thank you very much. Ronald!
We also had a steady cam behind us on stage, but we decided not to use those shots.
Because of the lighting in the venue and maybe a wrong setting on the camera, the footage shot by
Ronald looks a bit grainy. But this gives it a kind of old school look and adds to the atmosphere of the gig and the venue, so we decided to go with it.

This time we used the Olympus to record just the audio from a fixed position. After a little bit of mastering
the audio was synced to the video shot by Ronald.

little sidenote: This video is Theo's first production. He will be editing the videos from now on.

Click here for photo's of this gig

4 songs in a 5 minute clip : the relatively new one Hey You!
and the classics Anarchy/System/So What


Obed Brinkman
Obed Brinkman also shot a video from the opening part of our gig. Thank you Obed!

School/Fuck the Cops/Blowing in the wind/I'm not Sure


 Full setlist

fuck the Cops
I'm not sure

No ID!
Safety First

Hey You!
Reli shit
Civil Disobedience

Not my day
Innocent People

Clothes off
I don't know
So What
Two Two 79


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