01-05-2015 at RED's BIRTHDAY PARTY

location: GIDEON, Groningen, Netherlands
Video recorded with Olympus LS-20M (Static) & Sanyo VPC-HD1 by Reinee from UHGAH? WUGAH!

bar-dancing IN DE KUT

Gideon is well-known for it's great festivals with live music. It is situated at the edge of Groningen. On the terrain live about 9 people in an alternative live style. Our drummer Sjakie is one of them.

We played at Red's birthday. Five bands were invited, Dorst, Uhgah? Wugah!, U.S.B., Eastgate Crashers and us. Because of the cold weather we played in bar-dancing IN DE KUT.

We had a great time, although we didn't play very good. The atmosphere and the venue were great and we had a nice participating audience.

 Pictures of this gig

Arriving at the venue, we didn't have a camera-man prepared this time, so we decided for the worst scenario, a static camera on the side of the stage. For that we used the Olympus which records very good audio.

After some negotiating, Reinee, drummer from Uhgah? Wugah!, was very kind to film some songs in front of the stage. After checking the recordings, we decided to make a compilation this time from the songs which were shot with both camera's. Also tried some new effects while editing.


Blowing in the wind / Safety first / Not my day / I  don't know /
NO ID! / Innocent people / cretin hop / Two Two 79 / Masterplan
Shot with Olympus LS20-M by Barth / Sanyo VPC-HD1  by Reinee from Uhgah? Wugah!


Full Setlist:

Blowing in the wind
Safety first
Not my day
Fuck the cops
I'm not sure
I dont know
Innocent people
Belsen was a gas
Cretin hop
So what
Two Two 79


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