Viadukt, Groningen, Netherlands, december 21 2013

Het Viadukt, Groningen, Netherlands

First time LIVE in 31 years!!!

Video recorded with Olympus LS-20M by AJ

Finally, after 31 years, Two Two 79 live! Since Sharkey joined the band last summer, things developed very quickly. About 4 rehearsal sessions were enough to finally play live again.

In support of Rat Patrol, who celebrated their 25th anniversary and System Bastard in Viadukt. in Groningen, Netherlands, we had a great time and are hungry for more

Also check out the photo-section of this gig

A couple of songs from this show: Fuck the Cops / Beat on the Brat / So What / Happy Birthday Rat Patrol 

Full setlist:

Fuck the cops
Blowing in the wind
I'm not sure
Not my day
Safety first
I don't know
No ID!
Innocent People
Belsen was a gas
Beat on the brat
Borstal Breakout
So What
Cretin hop
Two Two 79
Happy Birthday Rat Patrol


As a bonus - here's the video-edit we made from 2 cams
song: 'Two Two 79' (aka 'Sid is dead') (cam #2 by Rene) 


A compilation of the evening. Shot by Kwinz Jones (broadcasted on OOG TV)


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