1982 - Innocent People


Our first release. Early 1982 we made some studio-recordings and released it in april 1982 as a 12" vinyl record.
The recording-sessions were done in Squarewave Studio in Groningen. The cover was printed at Simplon, Groningen.

In hindsight this is a terrible recording. At the time our music was moving towards new wave. And, stupid fools
like we were, we decided to make a mixed record, a couple of punk-songs and some new stuff. Given that
and the fact the production wasn't exactly what we would have liked, the final release was never to our liking.
For reasons of history and completeness the files are available for download.

Because at our new host we are limited to max 10mb filesize, track 03 is encoded in 160kb and track 04 in 128kb.

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Side One

01. Anarchy Download streaming audio/lyrics
02. System Download streaming audio/lyrics
03. Sit Down download streaming audio/lyrics

Side Two

01. Innocent People download streaming audio/lyrics
: Download MP3 (320 kb)
: Stream audio / Lyrics
Download Innocent People Artwork


Download Full Artwork


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