Old School Punk Rock from Groningen 

Waterskaap, Groningen - 22 juni 2024

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REQUEST: If anyone has filmed or took pictures of us during one of our shows, we are always interested in any material you might have. Please
 contact   us if you have anything to share. Thanks in advance!

Two Two 79 is a punkrock band originated in 1979 in Groningen, the Netherlands.
1979 to 1982 was the first time we were around. After almost 25 years in 2006 re-united and recording again.
Two Two 79 is a DIY band, we record and produce (almost) everything ourselves. This way we are sure nobody has any influence on the way we want to share our music with the public. We are anti commercial and will never be a part of today's music industry. Our music will always be free for everybody on the CD pages. On these pages you can stream or download everything we have recorded. CD's can be ordered, but we will never charge more than the production and the shipping costs.
Our news-blog is a seperate section of this homepage. Here we will post the latest news regarding the band or other stuff which might be interesting. On the news blog there is also the possibility to comment on the articles.

You can read and see all about the history of the band in the Two Two 79 section. You can also order cd's in the Releases part of this section.

In the Music section you can find all the candy like all our songs and videos.

Some members of Two Two 79 collaborate with other punk musicians. The results of these collaborations can be found in the Side Projects section. Off course also with every song to download.

We have gathered some interesting links for you which you can find in the Links section. Lots of links to punkbands and other punksites, politics, links to articles about starting homerecording yourself, lots of music freeware and many more. Check it out.

If you notice any errors on this website, please leave a comment in the news-blog.

Enjoy your stay!

Two Two 79


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