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We are anti-commercial and believe music should be free for everybody. Nobody has to pay for our music and every release will always be available for download in MP3 or in lossless format on Punk Torrents.

If you would like to have a copy of one of our cd's we only charge the production of the cd and shipping costs.


Two Two 79 Releases:


2007 - This Time for Real!!!
EURO 1.50
2010 - Attention Whores
EURO 2.50

2012 - Hey You! - Limited edition
100 copies digipack

EURO 5.00

2014 - Never Mind The Covers...

2017 - 1234

2017 - 5678 (ep)

2020 - 40th Anniversary (2CD Live)

EURO 2.00

EURO 1.50

EURO 1.50

EURO 5.00 


Side Projects:


2007 - Ik Pogo Mee - Reality 79 EURO 3.50


Shippingcosts will be told with the order. Depends on where you live.

Send a mail with your order to 

  two/two/[email protected]  (remove the slashes) 

and we will contact you




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